Media and MDC’99 Arrests

Media and MDC’99 Arrests

Profit boost for British American Tobacco due to seized farms, MDC-N remains MDC-N, MDC99 leader and media arrests and further reading.

This week’s attention is evidently drawn to the arrests of four Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe (MMPZ) employees and Job Sikhala, president of MDC99. Of the four MMPZ employees that were arrested, three are still detained. MMPZ and other organizations in Zimbabwe stated that they fear a media crackdown when elections come closer.

Welshman Ncube is the rightful president of MDC-N according to the Bulawayo High Court, as Arthur Mutambara lost the court case there last friday. While Arthur Mutambara’s lawyers said they would file an appeal, the current decision will not affect his duties as Deputy Prime Minister.

An interesting article in Businessweek states that farms that were seized during the 2000 land invasions now boost the profits at British American Tobacco (BAT). It also mentions that the these land re-allocations keep intact a system of patronage which helped Mugabe win past elections.

There are some additional links below which include some further reading recommendations. Amongst others: analysis on the Kimberley process and an analysis on the reelection of Robert Mubage as presidential candidate both by Reuters. Finally a review of the past political year from